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ANZ - Payment Gateway


ANZ FastPayTM is a mobile payment solution launched by ANZ in 2012. 

Australian consumers are looking for alternatives to cash only payments and ANZ FastPay provides a simple, flexible and cost effective solution for Australian small businesses, as well as giving their customers alternative payment options. Business owners can spend less time creating and chasing invoices and more time building their business.

Nick Reade, General Manager Small Business Banking and Innovation, ANZ

Challenge: ANZ approached Mastercard Australia to provide an internet payment gateway solution for the mobile application they were developing. Time to market was crucial for this product as the mobile application had been in development for some time and launch dates had been set. 

Solution: 4impact has previously designed an internet payment gateway solution for Mastercard Australia. Mastercard Australia approached 4impact to extend this payment gateway to support the mobile application and payment requirements. As we continued to support this platform we were in a position to quickly ramp up the team to develop a new interface in time for the launch of the new product. As well as a new internet payment gateway interface, a number of back-end integrations were developed to support "hands-free" application and approval processes within the ANZ network. 4impact coordinated the project between the mobile application team (Deloitte), ANZ and Mastercard Australia. 


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