Founder's Story

Chris Eldridge & Mark Thomson, 4impact Founders

"We met in the late 1990's working for a large multi-national organisation. Even back then we were left of centre. Everyone else in the team sat on one end of the personality spectrum whilst we sat at the opposite end. That didn't mean we were weird... it just meant we saw things a little differently to most. We also saw things in each other that inspired us. We kept talking and an idea formed.

Essentially, we've always been about People. To our mind they are always at the core of any successful project or business. We saw a gap in the market between two extremes - Tier 1 consultancies and low end 'bodyshops'. However, we saw that there were large numbers of independent consultants who weren't having their needs satisfied by either end of the market.

We established 4impact in Brisbane in 2005 to provide highly experienced, professional talent to support technology project delivery. Our vision was to change the way these services were being offered and delivered in the marketplace, and to provide a business model that looked at improving and developing the skills of our industry's best people, thereby delivering the best value to clients - providing a vehicle for great people to deliver great outcomes.

And so our story began. It has continued to twist and turn to the present day, but central to our growth has been a focus on doing the right thing by people. It's all about people at the end of the day.  Every employee, every consultant, every client and every supplier we deal with is different.  They all have hopes, dreams and aspirations. Our job is to help those people get where they want to go. It's about juggling all the different requirements to find the optimum match between consultant, client and culture so that everyone wins.  Our catch cry has been 'Humans Not Resources' and this is at the core of who we are and what we demand of every one of our consultants.

Our story is still being written, but our commitment and passion to improve our industry underpins our continued growth across the eastern seaboard of Australia and we are also determined that we give back to our community along the way so that we can help as many people as possible achieve their dreams and have the life they deserve."