How We Can Help You

A Problem We Understand

Consultants are often viewed by outsiders as mercenaries who get in, get out and move on. Those on the inside know that good consultants are highly motivated professionals who want to deliver as much value to as many organisations as they can during their career.  But it can be a lonely game out there on your own if you are an independent consultant without the support networks, career guidance and counseling that permanent employees in top organisations can access.

We believe that there are some definable attributes of a 'quality consultant' that go beyond just technical skills.  That's what we are looking for - the attributes of a '4impacter'.  We actively hunt for these attributes as it is that our clients hire us for.  It's an unashamedly exclusive club that we want you to join.

At 4impact we know it makes good business sense for you to build a long term relationship with us where we can provide you that support network. We see our our team as an extension of our organisation.  Our goal is to bring together the best independent consultants in the market and provide them a home where they get varied assignments, connection with other like-minded professionals, and great reward for the outcomes that they deliver.  We see this as its own segment that we have called "On-Demand Professionals"

The On-Demand Professional

Our goal is to work with you to build a career which may span a number of short to medium term assignments across a range of different organisations but where you stay aligned with us for the long term. It’s still a career, just like for the permanent candidate market, but with a slightly different focus.

Our job is to serve your needs and to ensure that you have a steady stream of opportunities to choose from. We proactively look to provide these opportunities before your current project expires.

We are also interested in taking a holistic view of your career progression. If we are building a long term relationship then we feel it is right to look for opportunities to help you develop your skills, to expand your business network, to grow in new roles, and to move up the career ladder much like the traditional permanent employee.

Our aim is to let you benefit from our own experiences in going through this same growth curve but in a more structured and supported way. It's like having a team of coaches who've done it themselves and now want to help you attain your goals yourself.

So, What Makes us Different?

The market is concerned with where you’ve been.  We’re interested in where you’re going.

In building a successful career in consulting, it’s the third job, not the next that counts.  Our goal is not just to place you in a role, but to guide you in building your career.

We want you to grow professionally, in a strong relationship with us, for a longer-term, mutual benefit to help you expand your business networks.  We provide an ongoing delivery assurance function for all our team aimed at helping you deliver the best you possibly can; it's your own business coach there to mentor and guide you.

We are passionately focused on you; the projects you are working on, your professional development, the balance in your life and most importantly your enjoyment of the job.

We make a genuine effort to ensure your experience is more than just recruitment. For example, we hold a monthly social networking event so you can meet us and expand your network. In addition you can also take advantage of a complimentary Health & Fitness session each month.  Let us help you get where you want to go.