Is It Just A Career?

The market is concerned with where you’ve been.
We’re interested in where you’re going.

We have devoted this section of our website to help you achieve your work/life balance. Our primary focus is delivering critical IT projects, your primary focus is a successful career. If only things were this easy and black and white.

4impact understands that your career is only one aspect of your life. Achieving real balance means ensuring all aspects of your life are not ignored. Many of our team have taken on contract work specifically so they can have a bit more time to focus on the other areas of their life. We understand this.

We founded 4impact knowing that the contracting market was in need of genuine support and understanding that their career was important to them, however other areas of their life were also significant. When we work with you to select a role, we are more than happy to help you achieve the balance of work/life that you want, as well as guiding you on your career objectives. There’s no point taking on a role that isn’t going to work well with your personal objectives.

Aside from anything else, we have a duty of care to our clients in ensuring that the people we place them with are focused and committed to delivering results. By genuinely caring about your goals and helping you forge a desirable career path, 4impact provides a win-win outcome for both you and our client.

The Life Wheel:

The Life Wheel

4impact is here to help you as much as we can with your work/life balance. None of us are experts in all the areas of the life wheel (below), however we are committed to providing as many useful tools and resources for your career to ensure this part of your life is balanced and contributing to the other areas of your life that you take seriously.

Using the Life Wheel:

  • The Life Wheel represents the 8 areas of your life that we each have to manage
  • If you are struggling in one area of the life, focus on addressing the segment before it on the wheel (e.g. improve your career by looking at your mental genius – i.e. learning and training)
  • Conflict typically occurs in the segments opposite each other on the wheel (e.g. Spiritual vs. Finance, Life Partner vs. Career)
  • You can typically only focus hard on working on two, or perhaps three segments at any one time (it's also very difficult, but not impossible, to be focused on opposite segments at the same time)
  • This is a tool, not a mantra!