What's Your Value?

A question we get asked a lot is ‘What Am I Worth’?

There is no black and white answer to this, nor do we think there should be. It depends on a number of factors, one being the state of the market at that given time.

We are aware that information related to skills, geographic location, position type and experience exist to show what a role is theoretically worth, however these facilities rely on data being true and up to date.

Depending on the market and the value of the services to the client organisation, you are potentially worth more than what a general database says you are.

Just because a website generates a figure based on your search parameters doesn't mean it's an accurate portrayal. Here are some of the things it doesn't take into account:

  • The negotiation skills of your agency
  • Your contracting or consulting history
  • Your reputation in the market
  • Your experience
  • The reputation of your agency
  • The competition for the role
  • The quality of your C.V.
  • What’s not on your C.V.
  • Your presentation skills
  • Your ‘cultural’ fit into the organisation

C.V’s are black and white and often don’t accurately represent both your practical and intangible skills. Prospective employers are primarily looking for people who have the ‘right‘ background and qualifications. However, long-term value is created when an agency not only connects the required core skills, but can ensure a candidate will fit into and contribute to the organisation's culture.

Your experience, qualifications, skills and background are like a metaphorical toolbox. Our job as a skilled professional services organisation is to select and present the right tools for the job. Our clients know this and it’s the reason we have become their trusted advisor.

By reading between the lines of your C.V and understanding your intangible capabilities, the value you can provide the client organisation will potentially lead to repeat or longer term engagements.  When we meet with you face to face, its this that we will be wanting to dig into and understand.

‘The market is concerned with where you’ve been, we’re interested in where you’re going’ – …we like to live up to this statement.

Put simply, we are not going to hastily establish a dollar value for you.

We need to work with you to ensure you are engaging with the best opportunities available and that we are providing genuine value to our client.