Services: Technology

We live in a technological world. 4impacters solve and synthesise technology integration challenges by using agile, proven project management and data methods

We have specialist teams who have been actively replacing legacy systems with the latest in web technology software products in tier-1 financial institutions throughout Australia. These highly skilled 4impacters are experienced in delivering enterprise software solutions using a range of technologies including .Net and Java. We can provide your project a full complement of software developers, business analysts, testers, automation developers and business intelligence consultants or we can simply augment your current team with specialist expertise depending on your needs on a project-by-project basis.

Our technology professionals are able to synthesise and solve technology and technology integration challenges by the application of simple, agile proven project management and data methods whilst applying the very best people to the required task or objective.  We maintain a blended 'mobile bench' of professionals who are technically skilled, but culturally aligned to ensure we can scale to deliver almost any size initiative.  It is a unique and unparalleled delivery model

We are capable of delivering strategic IT requirements that must be considered prior to the costly implementation stages of any program. We can rapidly resource projects with high-calibre people on a temporary or permanent basis to cater to all your project needs.

Technology services
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Data/Information Architecture
  • Technical Architecture (applications)
  • Technical Architecture (infrastructure)
  • Applications Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Legacy Migration
  • Automated / Functional / Performance Testing
  • Service Management
  • Release Management